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OMEN by HP and FTW Esports had a huge anouncement to make, regarding the anouncement of the OMEN Squad new members, all of which are FTW Streamers. The OMEN Squad is a worldly group that features less that 20 people, all of them huge streamers and/or influencers in the world of gaming. We were also tasked with the work of creating a teaser for the anouncement.


For the teaser we went simple and showed feet walking all in one said direction, finishing with FTW and OMEN's Logo and a hint that the reveal would be made at Comic Con. For the video we decided to divide the video into 5 separate sections, 4 of each anouncing one new member and some of their streaming highlights. For those sections, we decided to create masks based on OMEN's logo, giving the video some kind of a mistery. The last section would show them all together featuring the new colors for OMEN by HP 2020 year and just having a bit of fun.



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